Mom’s 10-Minute Back Pain Relief



10-Minutes to Back Pain Relief for Mom

Kids and work take their toll on mom’s back.  Get relief in less than 10 minutes.

Fitness Expert, Barrington, IL


I’ve had occasional low back pain on and off for a few years since having children and am concerned that with age and a sedentary desk job it’s going to get worse. As a busy full time working professional and mother of three, I don’t have much time for exercise. With only 5-10 minutes a day in my schedule can you recommend a few exercises that may help?


YES! If what you’re describing is an occasional stiff or tight back then I can absolutely offer a helpful and time sensible solution. However, if you are experiencing pain and it has become more frequent, intense, or radiates to your hip or down your leg I’d first see a licensed medical specialist who can further assess and make recommendations to meet your specific needs.


Assuming the former follow this quick 3-step approach that will have you feeling better in no time:

1. Give a (self) massage and get flexible.

  • Use a foam roller, tennis ball, or massage stick on your mid and lower back, shoulders, hips, & legs.
  • Self massage will reduce your discomfort by: decreasing tension within the muscles, improve circulation making the muscles healthier, and decrease the day-to-day stresses the muscles take while at work, home, and running with the kids.

2.  Strengthen your core muscles from the inside out.

  • The deep core muscles often become the weakest after childbirth (sitting also promotes this weakness). To substitute for the deficit in strength the low back muscles are called upon to do more work than they should often leading to overcompensation and a back that is tight or in pain.
  • The following three exercises will get you started strengthening from the inside out:
    • Pelvic tilts – Lye on your back, knees bent, hands on hips, gently tilt pelvis forward (low back arches off floor), then back (flatten back to the floor). Move slowly and repeat 10X.
    • Belly button draw – In a seated or lying position pull your naval to your spine and hold for up to 10 seconds and repeat 10X. This will activate the deep core muscles and decrease stress to your back.
    • Plank – Lying on your abdomen place your forearms and toes on the floor, lift your body off the floor so only the forearms and toes are touching. Hold for up to 20 seconds.

3.  Get moving in small ways throughout the day.

  • Place a post it or set a reminder to get up every 30 minutes and go for a walk, stretch or do some light calisthenics
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs
  • When out and about choose parking away from the door
  • Wear a pedometer and try for 10,000 steps a day


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