“Boomeritis” Hits Aging Athletes

220996712_6d114a763d_o_gualtiero_sharealike_ospedale frattale_cropped“Boomeritis” Hits Aging Athletes

Reuters‘ Anne Harding discusses how a growing number of adults aged 45-64 are suffering from athletic injuries.

Anne Harding – Reuters

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Reuters Health reports that middle-aged people are becoming increasingly active and, therefore, reporting more exercise-related injuries.  In the article, Dr. Ray Monto, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), states that these injuries are often a result of inadequate recovery time between demanding workouts and a lack of variety in exercises.  Dr. Monto recommends that boomers consult with a physician before beginning a workout program, eat well, and keep workouts varied and balanced.

By Anne Harding

Published:  July 1, 2009

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