Beauty is pain [Infographic]

Wearing high heels bring both beauty and pain. Learn how massage can heal those aches.

You've likely heard the saying "beauty is pain" and shrugged it off as a mere proverb of womanhood. Unfortunately, this nonchalant approach to the physical effects of high heels and heavy hand bags is taking a toll on primped princess everywhere. Learn more about the dangers of accessories and how massage therapy can help:

Moji infographic on beauty is pain.Heal your beauty aches and pains with a massage.

High heels

Your favorite pair of pumps may give you mile-long legs, but this footwear also puts you at risk for osteoarthritis, nerve damage, lower back pain and plantar fasciitis.

Oversized purses

Sure it's convenient, but do you know what lugging around a week's worth of snacks is doing to you? By toting an oversized purse, you put stress on your body that can lead to anything from aches and pains to nerve trauma and degenerative joint disease.

Take care of yourself

If you can't can't forgo the sometimes-painful aspects of your style for more practical options (like a small clutch or gym shoe), it's important to promote healing as soon as you kick off those pumps or put down your tote. Use a Moji personal massager on any sore areas, especially your feet, shoulders and lower back.


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