4 easy at-home workouts


Once the wintertime arrives, it becomes way easier to make excuses about not working out. Whether it’s simply too cold to go for a jog or the weather is forcing your car not to start, there are many ways you can justify skipping workouts in favor of snuggling on the couch. But if you’re truly dedicated to maintaining physical activity during the winter, you don’t have to go far to receive the exercise your body needs. Here are four easy workouts anyone can perform within the safety and warmth of their own home:

Utilize the pull-up bar

You can essentially turn anywhere in your house that has a door frame into the ultimate pull-up workout by installing a wall-mounted bar. Pull-ups are one of those quintessential workouts that can do wonders for improving your muscle strength, and since they only require using your own weight against you, there’s no need to go out and buy a ton of weight lifting items or accessories. Doing a few reps of as many pull-ups as you can will do wonders for improving the core muscles in your back, while also increasing your grip strength and helping you obtain a more toned physique. Even if you can only muster a few pull-ups at a time, that’s still enough for an adequate muscle workout.

Lavish the lunges

For a quick, yet extremely beneficial, exercise that can be performed anywhere with walking room in the house, lunges are an essential at-home workout. From adding shape to your lower body to increasing flexibility within the hips, hamstrings and quads, lunges are the quickest, and most accessible way to gain lower body strength. Get set up in the living room and slowly lunge across, making your knee almost touch the ground with every step while keeping your back straight as possible. To add to the intensity, grab a few heavier objects around the house during your lunges, whether it’s two milk jugs or dumbbells if you already own them.

Walk the plank

Spending a few 15-minute sessions each day dedicated to plank exercises is another healthy example of a simple at-home workout. Find a room with ample space to spread out on the floor and assume a pushup position while having your forearms instead of your hands anchor your upper body weight. There are many variations of plank exercises you can perform, ranging from arching your hips and gently descending them back down toward the floor to getting on your side and keeping your forearm on the ground while raising your leg in the air, back and forth. Plank workouts are another way to improve muscle strength all throughout your body, while also helping tone your abdominal muscles.

Old-fashioned pushups

Ever since you stepped foot in the elementary school gym, push ups have long been installed in your memory as the prototypical exercise that can be performed essentially anywhere. Anyone looking to add some upper body strength can benefit from doing a few reps of 10 pushups every day, no matter what the weather is like outside.


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